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5 Activities You May Not Have Known You Could Do In Singapore

Check off your activity list with some of these hidden gems.

01 | Explore the western edge of Singapore

Take in the sea air and the grand Tuas Second Link at the lighthouse at Raffles Marina. A well-kept secret among photography enthusiasts, this spot at the end of the breakwater promises spectacular views, especially at sundown. Make this an evening date by starting with an early dinner at the Marina Bistro or Captain’s Table, followed by a walk along the pier towards the lighthouse.

02 | Head overseas, but without entering international waters

Kusu, St John’s and Lazarus islands may be the better known of Singapore’s offshore islands, but the next time you head out island-hopping, make a stop at Pulau Seringat. The secluded island is connected to Lazarus Island through land reclamation, but it’s still far enough from the more popular spots for you to feel like you’re exploring a secret slice of paradise. Promenade along the water or park yourself by the bank, and savour an afternoon of peace and quiet.

Image: Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

03 | Travel through time — all the way back to the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous ages

Did you know you could view dinosaur fossils in our own backyard? The Lee Kong Chian Museum of Natural History is home to three diplodocid sauropod fossils, which were found in a quarry in Wyoming, U.S., and thought to be part of the same herd.

The museum exhibits — totalling more than 2,000 specimens — are divided into some 15 zones, each representing a major branch of life on the planet. Other highlights to look out for include a 10.6-m female sperm whale found dead off Jurong Island, now housed in the Mammal Zone; the Neptune’s Cup Sponge, a species so large it was harvested and used as bathtubs for children, and thought to have been extinct for more than a century; and the Heritage Gallery, which comprises natural history specimens that date back to the 19th century.

04 | Up your pandemic baking game

If you’ve been nurturing your sourdough starter through the circuit breaker periods, here’s your chance to level up — with the bread master himself. Dean Brettschneider, the founder of Baker & Cook and Plank Sourdough Pizza, helms the Brettschneider Baking & Cooking School, where you can pick up tips on perfecting a mind-boggling variety of breads, cakes and pastries.

Not into baking? There are even cooking classes led by Singapore F&B industry stars, from Tippling Club’s Head Chef Ayo Adeyemi, who’ll give lessons on modern cuisine, to Chef Carlos Montobbio, Head Chef of Esquina, who’ll impart knowledge on making authentic Spanish paellas.

05 | Make the most of Singapore’s birthday month

The National Day festivities don’t end on August 9 — or 21, for that matter. Raffles Hotel Singapore presents a slew of treats and offers to mark this momentous occasion all the way until the 29th. With gourmet dining options to luxurious spa sessions, those opting for a staycation at the local hospitality icon can transform their visits into a true holiday.

Raffles Grab & Go presents the National Day Chill-out Package, comprising delectable snacks from Raffles Courtyard and a bottled cocktail handcrafted by Writers Bar, and the Wine Down package, which offers a selection of exquisite vintages. And those seeking relaxation and rejuvenation will be well served by the treatments at Raffles Spa, such as the Absolute Relaxation Back Destress Massage, which targets knots and aches, and the Neck and Head Massage, guaranteed to ease the soreness of nonoptimal WFH setups.

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