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Connected Living Is The Future

LG’s new suite of smart home technologies makes life easier.

Connected Living Is The Future

“Hey Google, what’s the news for today?”

“Okay Google, play a little Beyonce.”

“Hey Google, text Alex to meet me for dinner tonight at Kesa House.”

By now, most people would have cottoned onto the convenience of the Google Assistant, the revolutionary technology that allows us to control our technological devices with just simple spoken instructions. On its own, it’s already amazing—it can play music, text people on your behalf, and tell you how long it takes to get to the nearest restaurant.

And now, Google can also steam your clothes, act as your TV remote, and make your life that much cooler—with a little help from Korean electronics company LG.

LG’s new suite of connected smart home appliances expands the scope of what is possible with Google Assistant. These appliances are wifi-enabled and equipped with LG’s proprietary ThinQ AI platform, so you can activate them with a simple command and watch the progress on the LG Smart ThinQ app on your phone.

All you need is an appliance equipped with Google Assistant, such as the award-winning LG Xboom AI ThinQ WK7 speaker, or one of the brand’s new 2019 OLED televisions, which come with Google Assistant already built-in—simply speak your command into the remote control. Plus, these TVs come with a new Home Dashboard function, which allows you to view and control other smart home devices that are connected to Google Assistant.

This is the next stage of connected living, and we have to say—it’s pretty great.

Imagine this: You’re about to host a party at your home, but you’re running behind time and a lot of things have not been done.

“Hey Google, turn on the Styler!”

Everyone has encountered moments where the outfit that we were intending to wear is either badly creased or in need of refreshing after they’ve been in storage. Thanks to the LG Styler, that outfit can be refreshed within minutes, so you can do your makeup, prepare party paraphernalia, or watch Game of Thrones instead of spending time steaming an outfit.

The TrueSteam function gently de-wrinkles garments, eliminates any musty odours, and gets rid of possible allergens like dust or pollen. Its low-temperature drying system also prevents shrinkage and damage caused by heat, so you can be assured that any delicate designer dresses will still be safe.

Plus, if you want to really clean up the house, you can also toss your sofa cushions and decorative throw blankets into the LG Styler. It eliminates up to 99.9 per cent of odours and allergens in as little as 20 minutes, so even guests with sensitive skin and noses will feel at ease. Plus, these items usually cannot be tossed into a washing machine, so the Styler is a perfect way to refresh them without dry cleaning.

On a side note—if you have really sensitive skin or cook often, LG’s TWINWash washing machine is equipped with the same TrueSteam function, so any allergens or odours can be thoroughly stripped from all of your clothes, not just the ones you toss into the Styler

“Hey Google, start vacuuming.”

LG’s suite of connected appliances encompasses a wide range of products, including its range of Hom-Bot robotic vacuum cleaners. This means that you can start cleaning your house even while you are busy prepping canapes or cocktails; a simple voice command will have your start zooming around your house for a quick last-minute clean.

The latest version of the Hom-Bot features a slide-in mop for a two-in-one cleaning solution that eliminates the need for any other cleaning products and makes it perfect for anyone who is constantly on the go—or hosting parties.

“Hey Google, turn on the air conditioner; it’s time to chill.”

To help you keep your cool while prepping for the party, LG has also included its wifi-enabled air conditioners and famed InstaView Door-in-Door refrigerators (the ones with tinted glass doors that illuminate so you can see what is inside) in its stable of smart appliances. Thanks to this, you can easily ask Google to cool down your home and make ice for party drinks. For the latter, just say “Google, turn on the express freeze function.” That’s a whole lot cooler than just programming it manually, if you ask us.

Plus, the detailed connectivity of the smart appliances also means that you can monitor and control any air conditioners or refrigerators remotely, thanks to the LG Smart ThinQ app. Even if you were out getting more bubbly before the party began, you could remotely turn on the conditioning to cool the house before coming home, or make lots of ice to chill the champagne.

The Smart Home Of The Future

And while we aren’t quite at the level of the Jetsons cartoon yet—we’re still waiting for a home robot butler to be invented—there is no reason not to take advantage of the various smart appliances that could help to ease the inconvenience of daily chores, whether’s it preparing for a party or just living normal life.

To find out more about LG’s smart home appliances, visit the website.

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