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Create Your Own 3-course Restaurant Dinner At Home With These Easy DIY Kits

Have the fun (and credit) for making dinner, without all the fuss.

Create Your Own 3-course Restaurant Dinner At Home With These Easy DIY Kits
Janice Wong

Getting food delivered to you, while convenient, can be a tad impersonal at times — but cooking for every single meal can get tiring too. For a tasty compromise, try DIY kits: you’ll get the fun (and credit) of making dinner with minimal fuss. 

And if you’re missing the experience of dining out, what’s better than a homemade meal to recreate the experience? Go on, dress up, light a candle and put on some of your favourite music — it’ll be a dinner to remember.

01 | Starters: Junior’s DIY taco night

There’s no better way to start a dinner than with some tacos — build ‘em yourself and let the conversation flow. Pocket bar Junior’s new Taco Night kits come with all the delicious trappings that you’ll need to make a great wrap — think grilled skirt steak, pork belly, and grilled shrimp, all accompanied with a fresh helping of salsa and greens. 

Round it off with some homemade chips and guacamole and you’ve got the makings of a great starter.

02 | Mains: Pasta from Pasta Bar

There are few dishes as fulfilling and easy as pasta. But forget about the pre-packed stuff from the stores: how about some fresh, home-made noodles from a bona fide Italian kitchen?

Pasta Bar is offering cook-at-home packs of some of its best hand-cut goodies. First, choose which pasta variety you’d like: they’ve got tagliatelle, rigatoni and ravioli. Then, pick which sauce you want draped over it — on offer are classics pesto Genovese, San Marzano tomato and basil, and beef ragu. All you’ll need is a boiling pot of water and an appetite. 

Psst: be sure to get some of their fresh truffle butter. We promise it’ll be a transcendent bowl of pasta.

(Image: Pasta Bar)

03 | Dessert: Janice Wong’s Bake at Home mixes

Remember those Betty Crocker ready mixes? Our pick for dessert works mostly the same way — only it’s been made and curated by Asia’s best pastry chef for two years running. The famed Janice Wong herself — purveyor of gourmet chocolates and edible art — has just launched her own ‘Bake at Home’ line, which, as you can imagine, does what it says on the tin.

Aside from classic comforts like chocolate chip cookies and cupcakes, she also offers premixes for complex sweets like red velvet cakes, madeleines and financiers. Now you, too, can bake like a celeb chef.

04 | Drinks: Custom cocktails from Kiki’s Reserve

No good dinner is complete without the requisite tipple, and while there are plenty of bars out there who now offer bottled versions of cocktails classic and signature, we’re after something a little more personal.

Kiki’s Reserve — lovechild of craft beer bar Hopheads and The Oyster Bank — is a new cocktail delivery service that’ll gladly create a bespoke cocktail for you and have it delivered to your house before dinner is ready.

Just drop them a DM on Instagram (@kikisreserve) and they’ll walk you through the process: tell them your favourite alcohol base, what you like and dislike in terms of taste, and any allergies — you can be as specific or vague as you want (if you’re curious to see what they come up with). You’ll also get to name your new creation, so flex your creative skills and come up with a cocktail name for the ages.

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