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Watch The Dior Cruise 2023 Show Live From Spain

Friday, 17 June at 4.15am Singapore time.

Watch The Dior Cruise 2023 Show Live From Spain
The Dior cruise 2023 runway show will be shown in Spain.Image: Dior.

Next on the map for Dior is the cruise 2023 fashion show. This time, artistic director Maria Grazia Chiuri is taking us to Seville in the south of Spain. And just like Chiuri’s previous destination runway shows, the cruise 2023 collection will involve the craftsmanship and artistry of Spanish culture.

Specifically, Chiuri is inspired by Carmen Amaya — a Spanish Romani flamenco performer who’s regarded as a feminist icon that changed the art form in the 1940s. Breaking boundaries, Amaya taught herself the more furious flamenco movements that were traditionally reserved for male dancers due to their intensity. As a result of the footwork involved, Amaya was often seen performing in high-waisted trousers, which effectively normalised the idea of a female dancer in trousers.

For the Dior cruise 2023 collection, Chiuri also enlisted Valencian artist María Ángeles Vila Tortosa to create posters depicting Amaya’s powerful stances and movements. These were then displayed around Seville as a precursor to the upcoming show. Tortosa also reveals in a trailer for the Dior cruise 2023 show, that Chiuri has chosen to incorporate the prints she created for the background of the posters into the collection.

Watch the Dior cruise 2023 show here as it goes live from Seville, Spain.

What: Dior cruise 2023 runway show
Where: Seville, Spain
When: Friday, 17 June 2022 at 4.15am Singapore time

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