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Getting This Body Just Got Easier

The SW1 Clinic Magnetic Muscle Sculpting treatment could be the missing piece in your workout puzzle.

Getting This Body Just Got Easier

SW1 Clinic Magnetic Muscle Sculpting is a godsend for folks who want to look good without having to go through too much trouble.

The pursuit of body perfection can leave a woman disappointed, as many can attest to—we have all been there and done that. It takes so much willpower just to skip another high tea date with the girls and spend the afternoon with a psycho instructor at HIIT class. Didn’t we just resolve to be kinder to ourselves?

It was on one of such days that I ended up at SW1 Clinic. Founded by Dr Low Chai Ling, previously of The Sloane Clinic, SW1 Clinic is a luxurious 8,000-sqft establishment that offers one of Singapore’s most extensive line-ups of FDA-approved lasers, ultrasound and radiofrequency aesthetic technology. The team here are experts in Fraxel, Ultherapy, Thermage and Silhouette Soft threadlifts, but on that day, I was here to try SW1 Clinic’s Magnetic Muscle Sculpting.

The Treatment

The treatment supposedly improves the appearance of muscle tone and definition with, as its name implies, functional magnetic stimulation. It involves using magnetic currents to stimulate the body’s motor neuron cells and cause muscles to contract, and bring about increased cell metabolism and blood circulation.

The Experience

The treatment jargon can sound very scientific, but it’s very hassle-free. For starters, I didn’t even have to change out of my clothes—functional magnetic stimulation targets muscle tissue without any skin contact required. I was beckoned into an armchair; next to me, the therapist started to fiddle with the knobs on the machine.

The currents, which began like gentle taps on my lower back and pelvic area, grew stronger when she saw that I displayed no visible sign of discomfort. The therapist made the experience more bearable by letting me know that she was going to increase the intensity of the currents. By the time my 15-min session came to a close, I’d hit values of 70 for the back and 40 for the pelvic. I wouldn’t describe the experience as relaxing, but it certainly wasn’t uncomfortable.    

The Results

While Magnetic Muscle Sculpting supposedly helps improve overall muscle tone, it is not meant as a weight-loss regimen. Regular exercise and a healthy diet are still key to keeping fit and lean, points out the therapist. I was told to expect mild ache or soreness in my muscles, but I didn’t feel any.

Magnetic Muscle Sculpting is recommended as part of a 3-step maintenance programme at SW1 Clinic. It is the final step that complements Coolshape (fat removal) and Onda Body Magic (smoothen and tighten muscles).

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