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Home Additions From Luxury Brands To Satisfy Your Nesting Needs

Furnishings, tableware and everything else in between to welcome you home in style

Home Additions From Luxury Brands To Satisfy Your Nesting Needs
Brunello Cucinelli Home

Given that we’re all spending most of our time at home, you want to create an environment that best reflects your tastes, you desired level of comfort and your personality. After all, if the home is where the heart is, then it deserves to be decorated with things that you love.

Responding to the need for tasteful home decor are these fashionable home and furnishing ranges. With everything from hammocks to martini shakers and ping pong sets, your nest is about to get seriously stylish.

01 | Brunello Cucinelli

Perfect for: The modern go-getter

Why: After a day’s work, the best feeling one can experience is coming home to a warm setting that feels inviting and familiar, and that’s what Brunello Cucinelli’s lifestyle ranges promise. Lightweight summer yarns form cushion covers and plush blankets that invite you to lounge around, while a dinner table filled with handcrafted wares in natural materials and minimalist shapes enhance the partaking of your scrumptious meals.

For more information, visit shop.brunellocucinelli.com

02 | Louis Vuitton

Perfect for: The house that has it all

Why: If you’re looking at your home and you’re thinking to yourself, “I wished there was a Louis Vuitton hammock in that corner”, then you’re in luck. Straight from the French fashion house’s homeware and furnishing range, you’ll find a leather hammock amongst other curious wares. There are also planters for the green-fingered homeowners, candles to create an inviting space, and even monogrammed coasters to protect your tables from dripping cups.

For more information, visit louisvuitton.com

03 | Dinosaur Designs

Perfect for: The contemporary bohemian

Why: This Australian brand is known for their resin work, and have a complete range of jewellery and accessories done in colourful resin material. To bring their signature use of vivid colours into your home, Dinosaur Designs also has a range of homeware that covers dining plates, bowls, jugs and even soap dishes. The uniquely-shaped pieces add a bohemian touch to any house.

For more information, visit dinosaurdesigns.com.au

04 | Dior

Perfect for: The leisurely reader

Why: With an extensive series of coffee table books that chronicle the legacy of the house, its founder and the creative directors that follow, Dior’s reads present the perfect literature to pass a lazy afternoon. Coupled with exclusive images, insightful text and stories, these books will look as beautiful stacked on your tables as they will be engrossing once opened.

05 | Matilda Goad

Perfect for: The host/ hostess with the most

Why: Eating in just got a whole lot more fun, thanks to the adorable range of tableware from Matilda Goad. Colourful napkin trims? Check. A statement placemat for guests? Check. A breakfast set complete with a rack for your toast and an egg holder? You’ve got it. All that’s missing is your homemade goodness to fill these bowls and plates.

To shop, visit matchesfashion.com

06 | Gucci

Perfect for: The style-conscious set

Why: Gucci’s homeware range has always been the perfect go-to avenue for those looking for an obvious way to flex at home. The brand’s recognisable motifs — which include bees, butterflies and illustrated eyes — show up as pillows, trinket trays and candles. For those in need of a statement piece, the brocade screens will do the trick as well.

For more information, visit gucci.com

07 | Hermes

Perfect for: Eclectic homeowners

Why: Hermes is known for their vast library of beautiful motifs and patterns, and the home range reflects it. Whether it’s a plush cashmere blanket in navy and aubergine stripes, a set of wooden ping pong bats coloured in cheery pinks and yellows or deliberately mismatched trays for your tables, these home additions add a sense of joy and fun to every space.

For more information, visit hermes.com

08 | Saint Laurent

Perfect for: The rockstar abode

Why: Over the past several seasons, Saint Laurent has become synonymous with a certain glam-rock aesthetic that keeps its fans thronging back for more. And as if the embroidered jackets and sheer blouses weren’t enough, there are also several Saint Laurent pieces that would complete their homes – from monogram ice-cube trays to pool floats and even a water bowl for your pooch friend.

For more information, visit ysl.com

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