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How Ancient Korean Beauty Secrets Found Their Way Into Modern Skincare

Harnessing cutting-edge technology, The History of Whoo distils the anti-ageing properties of exotic ingredients such as wild ginseng in its beauty products.

How Ancient Korean Beauty Secrets Found Their Way Into Modern Skincare

The use of specially formulated elixirs in skincare is universal, and can be traced back to ancient epochs and empires. In Korea, makeup history is said to have originated in the Three Kingdoms (57 B.C.-668) and peaked during the Goryeo Kingdom (918-1392), with traditional cosmetics made from plant seed extracts and grains.

By the end of the 19th century, Korean cosmetics were being produced in large quantities, and later made inroads in the foreign market. With momentum generated from hallyu (Korean wave), the country became recognised as a leader in the beauty scene, earning countless subscribers to the natural, dewy look it propagated.

Rooted in the traditional remedies loved by the porcelain-complexioned ancient empresses of East Asia is well-respected Korean skincare brand The History of Whoo. Thanks to modern science, these secret formulations have been perfected to help achieve self-renewing skin.

As far as elixirs for perennially youthful complexion go, the brand’s pièce de resistance is its Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream, which contains rare and prized ingredients such as wild ginseng flower that blooms on mountains for two months in a year, and Dae-Bo-Won-Gi, a medicinal principle that strengthens the immune system by promoting the circulation of blood, vital energy and essence.

Perhaps the most remarkable component of the cream is Wang Whoo Sam, otherwise known as the queen of wild ginseng, which requires careful harvesting to avoid damage and wastage. The plant can survive for a protracted period of 40 to 50 years, with its extract working to preserve the skin’s vitality.

Using cutting-edge Sericin Emulsifying Technology – a natural silk protein associated with the use of silkworm cocoons for treating skin ailments – these elusive traditional ingredients have been precisely combined to create a satin smooth concoction that is rapidly absorbed into skin. Known for its anti-inflammatory, brightening and moisture retention functions, The History of Whoo’s Sericin is compatible with human skin as it resembles keratin and amino acid components.

Slather on the silky elixir from a gilded jar featuring delicate motifs of treasures bestowed upon a Korean empress, to nurture skin that is naturally soft, supple and glowing with youthful vibrance – a countenance befitting royalty.

The Yeheonbo Royal Privilege Cream (80ml) is available as a set at $2,588 (worth $2,718) and includes a deluxe-sized 4ml version. It can be purchased  at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, TANGS at Tang Plaza, TANGS VivoCity, Takashimaya Department Store, ION Orchard and BHG Bugis Junction.

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