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How The Denim Jacket Became This Summer’s Must-Have Item

The humble blue topper gets a high fashion re-do this season.

How The Denim Jacket Became This Summer’s Must-Have Item

The denim jacket has an appeal that works for a multitude of personal styles. Whether you’re a die-hard atheleisure fan, or you live on nothing else but bright floral pieces, there’s always space in your closet for a denim jacket.

And it’s not difficult to understand the humble jacket’s ubiquitous charm. You grab it off the hanger and toss it over your shoulders, and you already look more dressed up than you did before.

Recognising its style power, designers are looking at how they can put their spin on the denim jacket. Here are 10 key denim jacket looks that you should be paying attention to.

  • 1

    Alberta Ferretti

    Taking on the “I’m just running out for groceries” look, Alberta Ferretti’s patchworked topper balances the casualness that people love the denim jacket for with subtle design flourishes.

  • 2


    It’s like a bouquet of blue flowers blew right onto your jacket. Even if the two-piece look is too much, a floral denim jacket worn over your boyfriend’s striped shirt isn’t a bad idea.

  • 3


    We’ve never met a padded shoulder that we didn’t love, and Donatella’s rugby-shouldered denim jacket have us seeing hearts.

  • 4


    The French fashion house’s Pre-Fall iteration gives the denim jacket an elongated hemline, which makes it feel more grown-up.

  • 5


    Part grunge, part punk, but still so chic – Dior scores a homerun with this tie-dyed jacket.

  • 6


    What’s ruffled, oversized and instantly recognisable? This head-turning jacket from Chanel.

  • 7


    Even though it resembles the denim jacket you already own, what we love about this look is in the styling. When paired with the brown accessories and the bohemian dress, it automatically carries this insouciant air of smarts and casualness.

  • 8


    Ever ready to satisfy our need for bright and lush prints, Marni’s hand-painted denim jacket is a welcome sight for those of us who are bored of living in sweatpants and hoodies.

  • 9

    Sies Marjan

    Yes, denim can be business-ready as well, as demonstrated by Sies Marjan’s impeccably-tailored denim suit.

  • 10

    Marine Serre

    Bearing Serre’s signature crescent moon logo, this skirt suit is the perfect antidote to wear to your next luncheon when restaurants begin to reopen. Pooch not included.

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