An evening with Martell

Touring The L’Atelier Martell Pop-Up

Guests of A were treated to a special tour and an XO-blending masterclass by Martell.

Touring The L’Atelier Martell Pop-Up
Blending and mixing at L'Atelier Martell.

There’s more than just one thing with Martell, and the cognac house is opening up its doors for all to discover. The L’Atelier Martell is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. The experiential pop-up boutique is located at Scotts Square and marks the first time that generations of Martell heritage, craft and culture are made available to the public.

The L’Atelier Martell pop-up at Scotts Square.

Guests of A were invited to a special tour of L’Atelier Martell. The experience was supplemented by the availability of a number of special-edition bottles (mainly artistic renditions and Singapore-only exclusives) as well as serialised bottles filled from a cask that was specially flown in from Cognac. All these and more — Martell’s iconic names, from the VSOP, XO and XXO to newer offerings like the Martell Noblige — are available for purchase at L’Atelier Martell.

To cap the entire evening, guests were also treated to a specially curated masterclass. The Art of Blending XO session was accompanied by individual boxes of canapés that guests were able to enjoy while blending their own concoctions.

At the end of the session, guests then took home their own blends of cognac.

The L’Atelier Martell pop-up is located at Scotts Square and will run until 29 May 2022.

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