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10 Luxury Bag Straps To Update Existing Go-Tos

All it takes is a new additional accessory to elevate any bag collection.

10 Luxury Bag Straps To Update Existing Go-Tos
Image: Fendi.

Whether it’s a favourite classic leather bag that’s been a go-to (and has probably seen you through countless moments in life) or a fabulous vintage find, there’s nothing else quite like adding a new touch for a more personalised refresh. Bag straps are a dime a dozen nowadays among the big-named luxury brands — each carrying a range of designs that speak to their individual style vocabulary.

And that could only mean that there’s more than enough options to suit pretty much any bag. While luxury-branded bag straps are typically designed to be paired with bags of the same brand, there’s hardly a rule that dictates one shouldn’t mix things up. After all, where’s the fun (or creativity) in wearing the same brand head-to-toe?

We’ve narrowed down 10 options of luxury bag straps to choose from — ranging from the minimally designed hardware-focused to more embellished styles — to help make a bag feel more you.

  • 1Image: Dior.

    Image: Dior.

    Embroidered shoulder strap, from Dior

    This Dior embroidered shoulder strap is emblazoned with the house’s branding but the slightly atypical sportier slant gives it a modern expression that’ll work exceptionally well with vintage pieces. The juxtaposition may be jarring but it’ll instantly help to modernise the piece.

  • 2Image: Longchamp.

    Image: Longchamp.

    Roseau shoulder strap, from Longchamp

    There’s nothing wrong about crocodile-styled leather and this Longchamp shoulder strap does it beautifully and at a price point that’ll make you want to own one in a few different colours — options, options, options.

  • 3Image: Versace.

    Image: Versace.

    La Greca signature bag strap, from Versace

    The La Greca is a new motif by Versace but it’s one that’s already gaining momentum as a signifier for the brand. On this La Greca signature bag strap, it’s undeniably loud with the motif embroidered on bold red fabric that’s trimmed with leather.

  • 4Image: Louis Vuitton.

    Image: Louis Vuitton.

    Bandoulière bag strap, from Louis Vuitton

    Here’s one for those of us who can never have enough compartments. The Louis Vuitton Bandoulière bag strap comes with a nifty detachable coin purse for that extra bit of storage space within easy reach.

  • 5Image: Givenchy.

    Image: Givenchy.

    G Cube strap chain, from Givenchy

    There’s no denying that creative director Matthew Williams is famed for his hardware, and at Givenchy, he’s brought that same expertise to the house. This G Cube strap chain is a fine example of Williams’s abilities and done in such a refined manner that recalls fine jewellery.

  • 6Image: Loewe.

    Image: Loewe.

    Braided thin strap, from Loewe

    Loewe is all about craftsmanship and its leather mastery is one of the best in the business. Tight braiding in contrasting colours of this Loewe braided thin strap is the kind you’d expect from the brand and one that’s both functional and decorative at the same time.

  • 7Image: Hermès.

    Image: Hermès.

    Maillons bag strap, from Hermès

    Hermès supersizes its Chaine d’Ancre motif on this leather bag strap in a subtle dual-tone and beautifully finished with colour-matched topstitching. If there’s anything (and there’s a whole lot) that Hermès does well, it’s leather, and this is bound to age brilliantly.

  • 8Image: Fendi.

    Image: Fendi.

    Metal shoulder strap, from Fendi

    The Fendi O’Lock is the star of this metal shoulder strap as the fastening mechanism on each end. The palladium-finish metal adds that timeless sophisticated appeal you’d want to secure to every bag.

  • 9Image: Dolce&Gabbana.

    Image: Dolce&Gabbana.

    Dauphine calfskin strap with majolica design, from Dolce&Gabbana

    The maestros of anything over-the-top, Dolce&Gabbana’s calfskin strap is beautifully embellised with a majolica print that’s then amped up with metal studs along the entirety of the white leather base.

  • 10Image: Celine.

    Image: Celine.

    Thin strap, from Celine by Hedi Slimane

    In full leather, the thin strap by Celine subtly features the Celine Triomphe logo through contrast-stitch embroidery that’s then flanked by a rivet on each side. It’s simple with a touch of old-school rock-and-roll flair that’s typical of Hedi Slimane.

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