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Man, These Bags Sure Look Good

The best carryables that every guy needs to know, and wants to own.

Man, These Bags Sure Look Good

Man-bags often get a really bad rep, and we blame the TV show Friends for it.

In the fifth season of the hit series, Joey gets a man bag from Rachel for an audition. Cue the standard teasing from the rest of the gang – this was the ’90s, after all – and Joey eventually gives up his new bag.

Oh, if only Ross and Chandler could’ve known that in 2020, men’s bags are having a comeback. All credit goes to brands such as Givenchy and Gucci who’ve made bag-toting gents fashionable again – from the former’s masculine translation of the women’s soft Antigona bag to a boxy crossbody sling from the latter. Elsewhere, chic backpacks and trusty totes courtesy of Louis Vuitton and Bottega Veneta.

Meet some of the star bags for men this season.

01 | Bag, from Dior Homme

Since appearing in Kim Jones’ first collection for the house, Dior Homme’s crossbody Saddle Bag has become a favourite amongst brand fans, thanks to its iconic shape that will immediately incite envy from your Instagram fans. For Pre-Fall 2020, the Saddle Bag returns in the form of a slim messenger pouch. Just big enough for your essentials, and just sleek enough to be worn with everything.

02 | Bag, from Givenchy

Drawing its inspiration from Givenchy’s structured Antigona bag, the Soft Antigona takes on that same architectural feel, but with a more relaxed shape. The result is a beautiful blend of texture and function, all wrapped up in an air of laidback ease.

03 | Bag, from Louis Vuitton

Taking utilitarian to stylish new heights, Louis Vuitton’s backpack is a modern must-have for the go-getting gentleman. Capable of withstanding more than a beating or two, it’s the perfect companion for urban dwellers looking for practicality and aesthetics in their bags.

04 | Bag, from Bottega Veneta

If the Michelin Man ever wanted to up his style game, he only need to look to Bottega Veneta. In all seriousness, this tote bag is a great find because not only is it instantly recognisable as being a part the Bottega Veneta family of bags – the oversized intrecciato weave is an unmissable look – the padded nature of this tote ensures that your arious tech gadgets and belongings are kept safely stowed by your side.

05 | Bag, from Gucci

Boxy, monogrammed, and compact – a perfect addition to your repertoire of weekend carries. The trunk-inspired build of this little stunner adds a hint of masculinity, without overdoing it, and there’s enough space inside to carry your cards, your AirPods and a pair of sunglasses.

06 | Bag, from Loewe

The charm of a satchel bag is undeniable. Perfectly toeing the line between “weekend casual” and “weekday smarts”, it’s a great choice for those looking to for a fuss-free, no-frills bag option. If this speaks to your needs, then look to the Berlingo bag from Loewe as a choice option.

07 | Bag, from Tod’s

Backpacks don’t always have a reputation for being particularly presentable unless you’re about to go on a hike or hit the open road. Tod’s wants to change that appearance, with a chic backpack that’s functional and retains a smartened look. Beyond its ability to carry just about everything you want and need, the latte-coloured checked pattern and the dark leather trims give this slinger a wholly polished finish.

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