Earth Month

Mexican Food Goes Green With Super Loco’s Earth Month Menu

Feast on familiar Mexican favourites reimagined for the month of April, as the group doubles down on its environmental sustainability efforts.

Mexican Food Goes Green With Super Loco’s Earth Month Menu
Super Loco's Earth Month dishes

Two years ago, Super Loco Group accelerated their green game by leading the formation of Singapore’s F&B Sustainability Council to tackle the industry’s most pressing environmental concerns. Since then, the group has continued to place the environment at the centre of their business.

At least half of the dishes on their menus are plant-based, and their in-house water filtering system has significantly reduced glass waste. They also use compostable delivery packaging and biodegradable straws made from agave cellulose fibres upcycled from tequila production.

Super Loco’s interior at Customs House

With Earth Day taking place on 22 April, Super Loco has launched their inaugural Loco Earth Month Menu in collaboration with Australian plant-based start-up Fable Foods. The menu, which is touted as a carbon-conscious one, celebrates the best of Mexican cuisine while being transparent about the environmental impact of each dish.

Founded by a team that is passionate about regenerative agriculture, Fable Foods produces all-natural meat alternatives made from real mushrooms – with their shiitake-based protein receiving the approval of award –winning chef Heston Blumenthal.

Zero to Hero Cocktail

Kick off the meal with the Zero to Hero Cocktail – a delicious concoction that upcycles fruit waste from the bar and kitchen. Infusing pieces of citrus fruits with Arquitecto Blanco tequila, the spirit is shaken with a blend of mezcal, cherry heering, curaçao and lemon – creating a refreshing tropical-flavoured aperitif.

The Garden Flautas – deep-fried spinach herb tortilla rolls stuffed with Mexican truffle, quinoa and goat’s cheese served over sikil pak dip made from repurposed roasted pumpkin seeds – were a pleasant surprise. The dish is garnished with lime sour cream and a cactus pico de gallo for a delightful combination of earthy and citrus flavours.

Garden Flautas

The Fable Al Pastor Taco is the highlight of the collaboration, giving the traditional taco a vegetarian makeover. Fable’s shiitake-based protein is marinated with house-made Al Pastor sauce, then placed atop a bamboo ash tortilla and finished with crispy kale, roasted corn, watermelon radish and chipotle mayo.

The Fable Al Pastor Taco

The menu offers two gluten-free barramundi dishes – fried and served with soft herb salad or roasted and served with cauliflower arroz – sustainably farmed from local fisheries.

A Pomegranate Tres Leche ends the meal on an earthy and sweet note.

Pomegranate Tres Leche

Alongside the menu, Super Loco will be hosting Earth Month events, including a cooking class hosted by health coach Elika Tasker and an edible farm tour with agri-education company Fleur House Singapore. 

Proceeds from Earth Month menu orders go towards planting trees, as part of Super Loco’s participation in reforestation efforts across Borneo. Having partnered with reforestation technology start-up Green Steps Group, the group continues to plant trees to offset the carbon footprint of their restaurants.

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