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Outfit Ideas You Should Attempt For Your Next Video Conference Meeting

Sloppy attire for a Zoom meeting? Ain’t nobody got time for that.

Outfit Ideas You Should Attempt For Your Next Video Conference Meeting
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As more and more companies rely on the use of video conferencing tools to create some semblance of normalcy and face time within a workforce confined to their homes, there’s been an uptick in people cataloguing their stylish, stay-home outfits. Don’t believe us? Just check out the Intagram hashtags #stayhomestyle and #quarantinechic.

So, with your best and most stylish interests in mind, we’ve compiled a few looks for you to attempt over the next few days. Dress up, show up, and surprise everyone with your new lewks.

  • 1


    What: An off-shoulder canary-yellow dress.

    Why: In a time of despair and bad news, nothing like a bright shot of yellow (or any bright colour, for that matter) to lift spirits.

  • 2


    What: A floral-printed top with ripped jeans.

    Why: Most Zoom conferences only show you from the waist up, so divert all the attention up to your bright, flowery blouse.

  • 3


    What: A loose-fitting jumpsuit.

    Why: Tom Cruise in Top Gun, but make it fashion. Plus, roomy jumpsuits let you sit however way you want and still stay comfortable.

  • 4


    What: A printed knit sweater and leather shorts.

    Why: Beyond your video conference, this is also a great look for leaving your house to do essential things, such as getting groceries. Two birds, one outfit.

  • 5


    What: A white shirt layered underneath a sequinned jumper, and shorts.

    Why: It’s business on top and party below the desk. Also, given that you’re logging on to the meeting from your home, why bother putting on proper trousers when chic shorts work just fine?

  • 6


    What: An emerald dress.

    Why: We’ve all had that one colleague who looks decent on cam, but stands up to refill her mug and shows off her pyjama shorts. Don’t be her. Slip into a loose dress and save yourself some embarrassment.

  • 7


    What: A shorts suit.

    Why: Save this only for those extra high-value meetings, where looking smart isn’t an option but a need. Shorts suits are all the rage this season, and how perfect are they for those WFH power discussions.

  • 8


    What: A trapeze-cut gown with embroidery and feathers.

    Why: There’s that line in The Devil Wears Prada that goes “You’re going to be getting coffee and answering the phone, you need a ballgown for that?” Here, the answer is a resounding YES! Look, no one knows for sure when the next time we can all dress up and head out will come; and if a big beautiful gown makes you happy, go for it! It might bring some much-needed joy to your fellow conference members too.

  • 9


    What: A feather-trimmed pyjamas set.

    Why: Unfortunately, the “rolled out of bed look” isn’t always the most presentable attire to have on, unless you’re rolling out of bed in a cloudy blue pyjama set from Koche trimmed with lashings of feathery plumes.

  • 10


    What: A hoodie tucked into a black skirt.

    Why: You’re already doing plenty of home-based workouts, so might as well incorporate some of that atheleisure into your Zoom look.

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