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Restaurants You Should Be Calling Now To Make Your Reservations

Friends of A recommend their favourite restaurants, and tell us why they’re worth the circuit breaker wait.

Restaurants You Should Be Calling Now To Make Your Reservations
Marilyn Lum and Shaun Tay's date night at Rumours Beach Club, enjoying Indonesian fareMarilyn Lum

Chan Kwai Sum, investor

Chan Kwai SumChan Kwai Sum

Salted & Hung

Salted & Hung’s pearl grouperChan Kwai Sum

Recommended: Locally sourced pearl grouper, 30-day fish soy, kelp oil, fish bone crumb and charcoal emulsion. This dish is made with all parts of the fish.

Experience: Chef Drew Nocente of Salted & Hung has upped his game and the food just gets better every time I go. The play on textures, flavours and temperature in his cooking excites my “ADHD” palate and I subscribe to his minimal waste philosophy as well.


Labyrinth’s “Bak Chor Mee”Chan Kwai Sum

Recommended: “Bak Chor Mee” using squid noodles and Hokkaido scallop fish cakes topped with dried anchovy powder in the Chef’s Tasting Menu.

Experience: As a frequent diner, I like to see chefs innovate and meals at chef Han Li Guang’s mod-Sin Labyrinth are always exciting. To be exposed to new possibilities and potential in local ingredients over a dinner, and taste how far they can go while supporting local producers – these just elevate the whole dining experience for me.


Braci’s New Zealand ScampiChan Kwai Sum

Recommended: New Zealand scampi with reduction of lime and coconut milk, and langoustine emulsion topped with yuzu pepper and 100-year-old balsamico.

Experience: I was also blown away by chef Mirko Febbrile at Braci when I visited last week and I daresay Braci is one of the best Italian restaurants in Singapore.

Dining in is not only about taste and service but also about being able to partake in the chefs’ philosophy, be it in supporting local or minimising waste. If the experience and food has made an impact such that you remember it long after, then it’s been a good meal — as with all my experiences above!

Rosanna Kuek, business development, Planworth Global Factoring (Singapore) (Grand Columbia Group)

Rosanna KuekRosanna Kuek


  • Aoki’s sushiRosanna Kuek
  • Aoki’s sushiRosanna Kuek
  • Aoki’s sushiRosanna Kuek
  • Aoki’s sushiRosanna Kuek

Recommended: Nigiri sushi omakase

Experience: The quality and variety of their sushi and sashimi are absolutely amazing and most importantly, they are so FRESH! I find the Nigiri Sushi Omakase such great value for money. They have a yummy selection of sake as well, my favourite is their Juyondai.

The Gyu Bar

The Gyu Bar’s beef plates (centre, ox tongue)Rosanna Kuek

Recommended: Basically, all their beef dishes are my favourite because they are all very tender. Ox tongue will top the list.

Experience: They serve really good, juicy beef that you can cook on your own or have them cooked for you. The service of their manager Michael is absolutely the best! I love their huge selection of sake glasses, which you can have a little fun with before your meal starts.

Julia Goh, homemaker with two children

Julia GohJulia Goh

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck’s Peking DuckImperial Treasure Super Peking Duck

Recommended: Peking duck; Crab claw with truffle egg

Experience: It is my family’s favourite restaurant, our go-to, and Paragon is so centralised.


  • Hachi’s Miyazaki beefJulia Goh
  • Hachi’s oyster with radishJulia Goh

Recommended dish: Omakase menu

Experience: The Miyazaki beef and oyster with radish are both stellar. The quality and presentation of food is very important to me when selecting where to dine at.

Rina Salim, homemaker with three children and three grandchildren

Rina Salim

Lawry’s The Prime Rib

Lawry’s The Prime Rib’s roasted USDA prime ribLawry’s The Prime Rib

Recommended dish: Roasted prime ribs

Experience: All my children and grandchildren LOVE Lawry’s The Prime Rib. It has been our family restaurant for the longest time. We feel at home here, the food, the service, and the ambience is just top-notch! Every prime rib is of USDA prime quality, and is slow roasted for tenderness after ageing for at least 21 days.

Marilyn Lum, director of Lum Wen Kay Holdings

Marilyn LumMarilyn Lum


Magosaburo’s premium selection of beefMarilyn Lum

Recommended: Kobe beef

Experience: I love the cosy ambience, great service and attention to detail. There is an excellent selection of Japanese wagyu, and you have the option to take it yakiniku style or shabu shabu.

Rumours Beach Club

Rumours Beach Club’s grilled Seafood PlatterMarilyn Lum

Recommended: Grilled Indonesian seafood

Experience: They serve delicious Indonesian cuisine, especially their grilled seafood. It’s a nice place for authentic Indonesian BBQ.

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