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The 5 Restaurants We Missed The Most During The Circuit Breaker

Catch us outside — at these restaurants, that is.

The 5 Restaurants We Missed The Most During The Circuit Breaker

Isn’t it just wonderful to be outside once again? (Responsibly, of course.) One of the best things about Phase 2 is the fact that we can finally dine out once again — while we were happy to dine on our faves from the comfort of our homes, there are some food experiences that just can’t be replicated. 

Here are the 5 restaurants you’ll probably find us at this weekend.

01 | Shoukouwa

It’s near-impossible to recreate the Shoukouwa experience at home — in part because the award-winning sushi joint’s delicacies are best served straight at the counter. Plus, we miss the intimate, personal experience of an omakase (try as we might, it’s a little hard to have that experience at home without a 2 Michelin-starred chef from Japan).

We can’t wait to slip back in front of that minimalist counter, especially since Shoukouwa’s been teasing us on Instagram with all the goodies we’re missing out on: think glistening fresh seafood and plump black truffles.

02 | Burnt Ends

There’s nothing sadder than a soggy steak, which is what tends to happen when you box the poor thing up and have it carted over in a cooler bag. Conversely, there’s nothing more thrilling than a juicy slab of meat fresh off a four-tonne wood fire oven — more so when it’s from Burnt Ends. 

Looks like we aren’t the only ones with the same idea. The restaurant is already booked out till the end of July, so we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for the launch of their August reservation dates. 

03 | Corner House 

Back in March, the one-Michelin starred Corner House made an exciting announcement with the appointment of new executive chef David Thien. Unfortunately, the circuit breaker threw a spanner in the works — not that it dampened their spirits much.

For their grand reopening, Corner House has unveiled a new menu that boasts French-Asian cuisine “without shackles”. Suggestive references aside, chef Thien promises dishes inspired by personal stories, thoughts and memories — all accompanied by chapters authored by the man himself. We can’t wait to see what they have in store.

04 | Labyrinth & Miss Vanda

Another big name that had its plans thrown awry by the Circuit Breaker is the one-starred Labyrinth. The mod-Sin restaurant was supposed to launch its new concept Miss Vanda a couple of months ago. They’ve delayed their opening to this week instead — the restaurant now exists as a pop-up within Labyrinth’s existing space, serving up heritage Singaporean cuisine with a twist. 

We’ve got our eye on their succulent claypot chili crab, and the very decadent looking Manjimup Black Truffle Creme Chantilly Kueh Lapis, topped with milk tea ice cream. What could be better?

05 | Saint Pierre

They say you’ll never find good food at a restaurant with a good view: but they’ve never met Saint Pierre. For contemporary French cuisine and a killer view of the Marina Bay skyline, there’s really no place better to be.

While we’ve been both entertained and sated by Virtual Saint Pierre over the Circuit Breaker, after close to three months indoors, we’d love to savour those decadent Hokkaido scallops and tender Pyrenees Lamb with a gorgeous view to match.

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