What’s On The Menu?

In The Age Of Covid, How Are Restaurants Wooing Diners Back?

It’s been a roller-coaster of ever-changing rules for dining establishments, as Singapore cautiously opens up — again. With the latest easing of Covid-19 restrictions, how are restaurants wooing diners back safely, surely and more creatively?


Top Eats And Treats For CNY 2021

From classic dishes to tea-time spreads and tidbits to take away, here’s everything you need to know to dine your way through the holidays.

07May 20
The Fifth Taste

This Is The Science Of Yum

Everyone likes to break out the culinary buzzword, but you’ll be the one educating the dinner table about the century-old wisdom that is umami.

23Jan 20
Must Eat Meat

Craving Wagyu? Head to San Francisco

Along with Golden Gate Bridge and the world’s most crooked street, California’s City by the Bay is starting to earn a reputation for serving A5 beef from some of Japan’s most obscure prefectures.

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