When The Stars Align

Zenith’s Newest Friend of the Brand Desmond Tan Is Reaching For The Stars

We learn what makes the Singaporean actor tick.

Zenith’s Newest Friend of the Brand Desmond Tan Is Reaching For The Stars
Tan wears the Chronomaster Sport in stainless steel.

Desmond Tan joins Singaporean actress-entrepreneur Sheila Sim as Zenith’s new Friend of the Brand. His constant goal to improve as an actor has enabled him to chart his own course – much like Zenith’s commitment to pushing the limits of watchmaking. For his campaign with Zenith, Tan demonstrates the watchmaker’s innovative style and exceptional performance by wearing the Chronomaster Sport and the DEFY Skyline.

What excites you about this partnership?

I am incredibly honoured to be working with Zenith. I respect the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection and its faith to always reach for greater heights. For sure, I’m in for a real treat of inspiration!

How does Zenith’s tagline – “Time to Reach Your Star” – resonate with you?

I love it. I grew up with a handful of principles that shaped my life and two of my favourites are, “Always reach for the sky. Even if you fail, you fall on clouds” and “If not now, when?”

Zenith’s tagline brilliantly captures the essence of my core belief that we should always chase our dreams and the best time to start is now. It is simple yet profoundly inspiring.

One of my greatest dreams is to represent Singapore in a Singaporean production at the Cannes Film Festival. When the stars align, nothing is impossible. Dreams do come true.

Tan straps on the DEFY Skyline in steel.

When did you discover Zenith?

I learned about Zenith because of the revolutionary El Primero calibre. When I first became interested in timepieces, I did my research and the El Primero movement was mentioned multiple times. During my first interaction with Zenith, I was amazed by the beauty of the designs.

I loved the way the watches felt on my wrist and how the movements worked. The Chronomaster Open is my current favourite. An opening on the dial reveals the El Primero movement’s heartbeat. The iconic coloured counters and case size are also features I appreciate.

Having acted in a variety of dramas and feature films, what motivates you to keep creating?

Passion. I am driven by the desire to test my limits and push boundaries; to explore new areas and discover myself in new ways. Every day brings a fresh and exciting adventure.

Are you someone who defies expectations?

I love defying expectations. I always say that we only live once. I believe we should not conform to expectations. We should create our own legacy instead. Although it is important to learn and follow the tracks left by others, it is more inspiring to forge our own path and inspire others to follow.

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