National Glory

Why I Call Singapore Home

Short of belting out our national anthem, friends of A wax lyrical about their favourite things in Singapore, be it a place, a tune, a dish… or another dish.

food for good

Food For Your Soul

At A Magazine, we’re grateful for the love and support we’ve received over the last one year. On our first anniversary, we’re paying it forward with lots of delicious treats.


Super Positivity Spreaders: Stanley Ng

“When your motivation is to help, you can better understand the issues and find solutions,” says this corporate lawyer, who spearheads his firm’s CSR initiative to reach out to single parents.


Super Positivity Spreaders: Anders Tan

“If everyone is given equal opportunities, some people with disabilities could even perform better than the rest of us,” says the co-founder of Inclus, a company that helps find jobs for people with disabilities.

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