D&A Style Introduces New Jewellery Expression and Creativity To Singapore

Presented by and showcased at JeweLuxe Gallery until 7 November, this presentation of expert jewellery craftsmanship and panache is not to be missed. Here are the 6 highlights to train your eyes on.

D&A Style Introduces New Jewellery Expression and Creativity To Singapore

You may be more familiar with jewellery by French or Italian houses, but here’s a chance to get up close and personal with exquisite pieces by a pair of sisters from Eastern Europe, Daria and Anna. D&A Style, the brand they founded in 2016, will be presented by and showcased in Singapore at JeweLuxe Gallery from 2 October to 7 November.

Having been in the jewellery business for more than 12 years, Daria and Anna have had a fascination with gemstones since their childhood, and sought to build a jewellery brand based on their common vision and passion, and their drive for perfection.

The duo personally source for the finest gems on behalf of private clients located across Europe, and they specialise in securing rare and unique coloured gemstones. They have even invested in their own gem-cutting facility to ensure precision and an exact expression of their creativity. The designs they dream up for their jewellery creations focus on wearability of gems, rendered as iconic classics and exhibiting an elegant versatility.

We chat with this dynamic duo to learn more about their bejewelled creations.

How would you describe the brand’s style? How is this style unique?

Our jewelry style is defined by elegance and a mix of classic with other style. We like it when the stone is the centre of the composition. We enjoy mixing and matching different styles and playing with colors and textures, but the main thing is that the appearance should be harmonious and elegant. In our jewellery, you can see very rare, one of a kind and only top grade gems in designs that suit the stones.

We believe jewellery shouldn’t look boring and even very classy designs should be extraordinary. We keep in our jewellery an ideal balance between stones and metal lines, and that helps enhance the beauty of the stone and complement the perfect taste of the owner. We like to be not like others, and all our creations show our taste and feeling of beauty.

Who’s the ideal D&A Style wearer?

We are definitely sure that each and every woman would feel like a queen in our jewellery. But we do also make some special items for men.

Our customers are collectors and jewellery lovers who are purchasing unusual and rare stones, and people who are looking for something not common, and want something attractive and unique in their jewellery wardrobe. Our customers deserve the best and we are very happy to help them with it.

How do you find inspiration for your jewellery designs?

First of all, gems are our inspiration. When we see a beautiful stone, we can imagine how it will be better to set it in jewellery. We’re also inspired by nature, art, architecture, history and archaeology.

How do you work together, and who takes which role?

It’s like having not one head but two, and not two hands but four. We work together from the beginning and each of us has her own role in the company. We do designs together, where Daria usually takes care of main the ideas of the designs, production and customers communication, and Anna takes care of all final touches to the designs to make them ideal, and she also manages the content, fashion styling and branding.

What material and gemstone do you most enjoy working with, and why?

We work only with gems that we would like to have in our own collection. All stones we select very carefully to be sure that it is the best option in this type and range. Our customers are sure that when they buy jewellery from us it is not just a beautiful item – it is the best stone in an ideal design setting. We love coloured gemstones and also diamonds, especially with fancy colours.

What do you consider beautiful?

It’s a very good question. It’s hard to say — we have our own feeling of beauty and we are sure that our customers can feel and appreciate it. For us, beauty is a balance between all the details. If everything is in harmony together, then it is ideal.

What drew you to make jewellery your career, and why does jewellery keep you engaged?

There was no choice — jewelry was our love from the start, when we were children and when we were thinking what business we want to do. We were definitely sure that we will continue to share our love and passion for jewellery with others. Jewellery is something special. It’s the way we show our feelings, our taste, and our knowledge to others.

Here are just six of the spectacular collections and pieces you can expect to see from D&A Style at JeweLuxe Gallery.

01 | Golden Serpent Collection

Probably the most iconic creation from the brand comes from this range, whose earrings and rings feature a snake motif, representing transformation, rebirth, creativity, fertility and hope. The texture of reptilian scales is rendered in a rich gold finish, which glistens as it catches and reflects light. The newest addition to the collection bears vibrant Kenyan tsavorite, a highly sought after rare gem, which lends a Grecian air to the jewellery.

02 | Galaxy Ring

This remarkable ring features a unique Ceylon Blue Sapphire centre stone with a scintillating Milky Way effect, whose sparkle, neon shine, frosted appearance capture the boundless allure of the universe.

03 | Glow Collection

Headlined by white diamonds and champagne-coloured diamonds, this range of pendants, earrings and rings is festooned with gemstones in a gentle spectrum of hues. The scintillating surfaces catch the gentlest of light rays to emanate a soft, warm glow and a dazzling sparkle.

04 | Tuxedo Collection

The range of rings makes an impression with its minimalist design, coupled with an androgynous attitude. Powerful in their simplicity, the rings, in 18k yellow gold with a textured finish, are each set with a captivating centre stone of 1ct — Mozambique ruby, yellow sapphire or blue sapphire.

05 | Embrace Collection

Embodying their names to a T, these dual-ring combinations comprise an 18k gold pave diamond ring paired with a classic solitaire ring, which features a centre stone of rare Mehenge spinel or mint garnet. Worn together, apart or individually, they offer a variety of looks and expressions with their playful versatility.

06 | Sahara Collection

Inspired by the vast golden expanse of the African desert, this minimalist series is defined by a textured gold finish, gemstones of saturated colours, and the brilliance of high-grade diamonds, which come together to embody strength, stealth and boundless energy.

From 2 October to 7 November at #01-11 Scotts Square; Tel: 9698 3292;;;

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