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Five Watch Collectors And Their #endofdays Watches

Amidst all the COVID-19 doom and gloom, we’ve seen tongue in cheek IG posts on what people would eat, drink or wear during their #lastsupper — here’s what five of our watch collector friends choose to get wristed with to that last meal.

Five Watch Collectors And Their #endofdays Watches

01 | @watchthebin

It was a tough decision for Robin but he finally picked his Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Master Ultra Thin Perpetual Boutique Edition, also known as the Dr Strange edition because of its key appearance in the movie, in the end. “Time is priceless and this will be especially evident during one’s last supper. I will want to wear this perpetual calendar, which will continue telling the time, date, weekday, month and moonphase for the next generation after me. Or maybe I can turn into Dr Strange with this watch and manipulate time like him and have an eternal supper!”

IWC Da Vinci Digital Date Month

02 | @wristshotdude

Trust Shing to pick an unusual watch to wear for his last supper. The IWC Da Vinci Digital Date Month features IWC’s signature Albert Pellaton-designed automatic pawl-winding system with an elaborate jumping-digit calendar display and “is my pick simply because it’s different from everything else. I love its atypical tonneau case shape, digital-visual time-telling, discontinued (therefore, rare) and highly unpopular — and I know IWC won’t like me saying this!”

Patek Philippe Ref 5164A

03 | @watchcandies

Masy’s keen eye and knowledge on haute horlogerie belies his age. While men in his age bracket tend to gravitate towards oversized and flashy watches, he is more partial towards the classic styles of A. Lange & Sohne and Patek Philippe. “It took me a good four to five years of watch dabbling before I finally got into Patek Philippe. For me, Patek Philippe is the undisputed king of all mechanical watchmakers. Unassuming and comfortable, this Ref 5164a is the first Patek I ever purchased and it remains my firm favourite. I have worn it to the beach, formal events, work and on the weekends; I imagine it will not be out of place at my last supper.”

04 | @1chengcp

Cheng has an affinity towards blue dialled watches which is why he is also referred to as bluedialcheng among fellow watch enthusiasts. He picked Jaeger-LeCoultre’s Reverso Night and Day “Rio de Janeiro” Limited Edition piece with an engraving of Christ the Redeemer on the case back for a few reasons. “It’s bright blue in colour with a matching blue strap for starters; Rio is also a city on my travel bucket list; and since this is the end of days, I hope that wearing this watch with Jesus on it will get me into heaven on time!”

The last reason is far more sentimental: “A huge push factor behind my decision to buy the watch was because of my younger daughter, who is Catholic. I would like her to have this watch to remember me by.”

Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari Limited Edition (10 pieces worldwide)

05 | @anthony_photo_journal

To super-car and super-watch enthusiast Anthony, it was an easy choice. “I will choose my limited edition Hublot MP-05 LaFerrari watch to accompany me on that last journey. With its 50 days power reserve, I don’t have to worry about missing a beat and keeping accurate time. In fact, to commemorate the occasion and complete the ensemble, I will also drive my Ferrari 458 to this memorable meal!”

All pictures provided by collectors

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