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Get Lasting, Youthful-Looking Skin On Your Lunch Break

SW1 Clinic’s BBL therapy is done in half an hour, has no downtime, and is even safe for mums-to-be.

Get Lasting, Youthful-Looking Skin On Your Lunch Break

Achieving youthful-looking skin that lasts doesn’t have to be a lengthy and complicated process, says Dr Low Chai Ling, founder and medical director of SW1 Clinic. 

With SW1’s Forever Young BBL treatment, all it takes is part of your lunch hour—and since there’s no downtime, you’ll even be able to grab a bite right after. 

BBL stands for broadband light. It utilises short blasts of high-intensity light to produce younger-looking skin that’s firmer and more even in tone and texture—and since the laser targets cells deep beneath the skin layers, the improvements in your skin are guaranteed to be lasting. 

“Consider this the next generation of IPL therapy,” says Dr Low.

Dr Low, who previously co-founded The Sloane Clinic, tells us more about SW1’s Forever Young BBL treatment. 

Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of SW1 Clinic, tells us more about BBL therapy

How does BBL make the skin look more youthful?

Broadband light stimulates new collagen to form in the skin, thereby reducing fine lines, minimising pore size and acne scars, and increasing skin elasticity. 

The intense pulsed light also diminishes flushing or redness of the face associated with Rosacea, reduces brown spots, erases broken capillaries, and smoothens rough-textured skin.

How many sessions will I need to see results? 

The optimal BBL therapy consists of a series of 4 to 6 treatments, though this varies from person to person. It is possible that you undergo only 1 session if your aim is to give your skin a little refresher before a big event, but do note that the BBL should be done at least 7 days before your event, as this is the time taken to see the maximal positive changes in your skin.

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Are results from BBL lasting?

Our skin is constantly turning over, with new cells being created in the deepest layers. BBL gives lasting results because the treatment sends light energy deep into the skin to rejuvenate it at a molecular level.

Studies prove that BBL can lighten skin by reducing melanin deposits in the dermis, as well as reduce telangiectasias (the appearance of fine veins). Other studies report that BBL can encourage the growth of collagen in the upper layers of skin after several weeks of treatment. 

It is believed that the production of new collagen helps decrease fine wrinkles on the skin.

What should I expect during treatment?

A topical anaesthetic may be applied for 10 minutes prior to treatment. During the procedure, you will wear protective eyewear.  

After the treatment area is numb, a cold, soothing gel will be applied and a glass prism will then be placed over the gel and treatment area. An intense flash of light, or pulse, is flashed through the prism where it is directed at the treatment area. 

Since there is no downtime, you may resume your normal activities after a BBL treatment. 

Over a 7 day period any brown spots or freckles will darken and then flake off. Camouflage makeup can conceal any discolouration, but this usually resolves within a week.

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How is BBL different from existing IPL treatments? 

BBL is an upgraded version of traditional IPL treatment, which means that the skin benefits are deeper and greater. Besides improvements in complexion colour, it can also help with skin firming, anti-ageing as well as anti-acne purposes.

Is BBL painful?

BBL is a very comfortable treatment, even without numbing cream, there is little discomfort involved. Patients who choose to have a numbing cream find even greater comfort after the procedure.

Who should go for BBL?

Any patients who would like to benefit from skin rejuvenation can opt for Forever Young BBL. The treatment is safe even for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers. But in general, people with tanned skin should not undergo any laser-related procedures, including BBL or IPL treatments, as they may be an increased risk of adverse events such as burns. 

To find out more, visit the SW1 website.

Alternatively, visit them at #13-03 Paragon [Tel: 6817 8888] or #02-19/20 OUE Downtown Gallery Tower 2 [Tel: 6817 8882].

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