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Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2022 Menswear: 9 Looks To Add To your List

WIth nine new looks added, the collection was presented in a new way but one that felt undeniably Virgil Abloh.

Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2022 Menswear: 9 Looks To Add To your List
The finale of the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2022 menswear spin-off show in Bangkok, Thailand.Image: Louis Vuitton.

Spin-off fashion shows have been a common seasonal occurrence for Louis Vuitton. In March 2021, the maison brought the spring/summer 2021 womenswear show to Singapore, and then the autumn/winter 2021 menswear show to Seoul in July that very same year. The spring/summer 2022 menswear spin-off show in Miami became a tribute to artistic director Virgil Abloh who passed only a couple of days before.

Bangkok’s most recent spin-off showing of the autumn/winter 2022 menswear collection too felt like a tribute — one that expanded Abloh’s concept of the original into something that still categorically embodied Abloh.

A surreal set with floating instruments and a sun-like sphere.Image: Louis Vuitton.

Youth — a common thread throughout Abloh’s collections for Louis Vuitton — was explored more explicitly in the spin-off show. A short film by Thai filmmaker Sivaroj Kongsakul opened the show, featuring a Thai boy waking up from his sleep (or perhaps waking up from within a dream) and venturing out into the open waters near his home, before swimming off into a floating bed a short distance away.

The scene then flips slowly and transitions into the Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2022 menswear Bangkok spin-off runway set featuring an upside-down house and floating musical instruments. A sphere meant to resemble the sun, revolved in a circle around the main area as models walked out in circular passages.

As with every of Louis Vuitton’s spin-off shows thus far, Bangkok’s featured new never-before-seen looks from the autumn/winter 2022 menswear collection. The nine looks (looks 42 to 49, and 56) were not specifically created for the show but rather, looks that were designed but not part of the original runway line-up.

  • Look 6.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 13.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 9.Image: Louis Vuitton.

Compared to the original looks in the collection, they felt more commercial (read: simple yet still Louis Vuitton by way of Abloh in every shape and form) with the Diamond Damier motif standing out as the boldest element throughout. I wouldn’t say that they weren’t necessary — given how the original collection already had 67 looks in total — but perhaps didn’t exactly add anything exceptionally different to the collection.

Having said that, the spin-off did offer a new colour for one of the collection’s strong tailored pieces in look 47 — a deep turquoise suit that incorporated a pin hook as its top fastening. Look 49’s silk jacquard kaftan too was a beautiful addition, and one that combined the maison’s Damier motif with floral appliqués and prints, which felt appropriate given the surreal nature of the entire collection. It didn’t hurt that the entire ensemble was styled in a monochromatic manner too.

  • Look 47.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 16.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 49.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 54.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 70.Image: Louis Vuitton.
  • Look 65.Image: Louis Vuitton.

The show ended similarly to the original with all the models gathered in the middle of the show space. But perhaps, rather than the sombre emotions felt at the finale of the original — the autumn/winter 2022 menswear collection is Abloh’s final full collection for the maison — the Bangkok spin-off seemed more positive about the future of the menswear division.

All that’s left now is to wait and see who would be succeeding Abloh — a vacancy that’s undeniably tough to fill.

View the full Louis Vuitton autumn/winter 2022 menswear spin-off collection in the gallery below.

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