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We’re Crushing On Chanel’s New Coco Crush Mini

The new, slimmer versions of the signature matelassé rings are just what the retail therapist ordered.

We’re Crushing On Chanel’s New Coco Crush Mini
Chanel Coco Crush MiniChanel

Any fan of fashion will be familiar with Chanel’s signature matelassé quilting patterns. If you aren’t, you’ve definitely been living under a rock — and we’re not talking about the sparkly kind.

The diamond-shaped quilting is so beloved that it has itself become an icon for Chanel, appearing everywhere from its signature 2.55 bags to its fashion pieces — and, of course, its jewellery.

The Coco Crush collection debuted in 2015 to much fanfare, and by now has become yet another celebrated part of the Chanel universe. The collection has steadily grown over the years, slowly adding new editions to the mix. And somehow, given that this is Chanel, every new addition feels like an absolute must-have. The new pieces for 2020 are certainly no exception.

Chanel’s new Coco Crush Mini (on ring finger) compared to the existing rings in the collection.
(Images: Chanel)

This time around, the brand has added slimmer versions of the signature Coco Crush rings. Named the Coco Crush Mini, these rings are perfect for those who prefer delicate jewellery pieces. Available in white, yellow, and Chanel’s exclusive beige gold, and with or without diamonds.

The rings with diamonds are particularly interesting — and we’re not just saying that because we like bling. Since the diamonds are embedded right in the middle of the diamond-shaped pattern on the rings, they serve to further emphasise the dimensionality of the matelassé quilting. The rings can be own on their own for subtle sparkle, or stacked together for a bolder look.

In addition to the Coco Crush Mini, Chanel has also introduced the all-new Coco Crush Ear Cuffs. Or should we say Ear Cuff.

The Ear Cuff was designed to look like two separately-worn pieces of jewellery, but is in fact a single adornment with two cuffs attached — one in beige gold, and one in white gold with diamonds. Engineered to be ultra-comfortable to wear, the ear cuff sits snugly on top of the ear with or without piercings. It has no clasp and is instead is fastened onto the ear with an innovative hinge mechanism.

Now do you see why we have a crush on this collection?

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