Would You Drop $5,200 On A Set Of Serums?

Here’s why women are thinking nothing of investing in Noesa’s Ultimate The Reset Serum Set #123.

Would You Drop $5,200 On A Set Of Serums?
Image: Noesa

How much would you fork out for your skincare? According to an article by international market research and data company Statista, Singaporeans spend an average of between $50 to $200 on skincare per shopping trip, while Americans only spend an average of approximately $322 annually on their skincare. 

We’ve seen skincare products with price tags that vary from a humble $5 to a whopping $1,000. But a three-serum set from Noesa with a price tag of $5,200 is not an everyday encounter. We uncover what it claims and test what it really does.

How Noesa Began

A Berlin-based luxury beauty brand, Noesa was founded in 2004 by a German researcher, Gerd Gerken, who had a knack for innovative developments. Gerken believed that keeping skin cells healthy and active through proper nourishment was the way to ensure one could look younger, for longer. With high expectations for the brand’s quality, he ensured that every detail of this endeavour met strict quality control standards. Gerken worked closely with three Nobel Prize-winning scientists who meticulously carried out years of research and experiments for Noesa. Eventually, they came up with the brand’s exclusive technologies — Alchemetics and Danadem.

Where Science and Luxury Meet

The science of Alchemetics begins in the alps of Southern France. Gerken and his team value the wild plants that grow in the high altitudes of the alps, chiefly because of their unique ability to survive the harsh climate. These wild plants are carefully harvested before undergoing a proprietary distillation process to manually extract their biophotons. Biophotons, or light energy emitted by living cells that carry vital information about its source, are also believed to be key in intracellular and intercellular communication. This power-packed substance is used in Noesa’s formulations at optimum efficacy to nourish and energise skin cells, prolonging cell life while keeping them youthful and healthy.

Gerken and his team also developed Danadem, a technology protected by nine patents, to deliver Alchemetics to even the deepest layers of the skin. Danadem was designed to effectively transport the substance to the mitochondrion, an organelle in living cells that is responsible for energy production. When the mitochondria are invigorated, the cells express improved vitality, resulting in better hydration, healing and renewal. This breath of new life reverses the visible signs of skin ageing and stress, resulting in a new and improved complexion.

Noesa founder, German researcher Gerd GerkenImage: Noesa

Ultimate the Reset Serum Set #123

Noesa’s The Reset Serum Set #123 is formulated with the brand’s most potent formulations of Adoptogenes, Alchemetics Type SRG and Danadem. These work together to “reset” the skin’s cellular functions, allowing the three of them to perform optimally. 

The Restore serum targets the skin’s surface, decongesting it to allow efficient product absorbability. The Refresh serum works to support collagen and elastin production, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and keep skin lifted and taut. The Reglam serum was designed to penetrate deep into the skin cells, delivering necessary compounds to their mitochondria to promote skin luminosity and vibrance. Having understood the science behind the products, we were naturally eager to put this Serum Set #123 to the test.

Luxury Skincare At Home

After cleansing and toning at night, one to two pumps of each serum are smoothed onto our skin in this order: Restore, Refresh and Reglam. The limited-edition airtight aluminium bottles are numbered accordingly to guide you. After this three-step serum protocol, seal in the serums’ nourishment with a moisturiser.

The milky gel-like serums were all elegantly light and absorbed quickly into the skin. Not only did they impart hydration and radiance, they also didn’t leave skin feeling tacky and uncomfortable. Most importantly, they were not perfumed, further lowering the risk of any skin irriration or sensitivity. 

After a few nights of consistent use, you will notice the skin beginning to appear more refined and radiant. Skin feels plump, fresh and, hence, younger. After a few weeks, the appearance of 

lines on the forehead, around the eyes and the sides of the mouth begin to “blur”. Those who do chemical peels and retinoid treatments will appreciate how the Ultimate The Reset Serum Set #123 complements their effects with healing, strengthening and hydrating benefits. 

Is It Worth It?

With the quality you’ll find in the Noesa Ultimate the Reset Serum Set #123, we’d say it’s worth every drop. The scientific formulation of the products as well as the technology involved in delivering them were all geared towards providing a luxurious experience and producing optimum efficacy. Is there a price you’d put on your youth and beauty? You decide.

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