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Rolex And The Road To The Red Carpet

With contributions to the fields of science, environment and the arts, Rolex’s pursuit of excellence extends far beyond the bounds of watchmaking. And when the crown partners with filmmaking’s finest, the results are nothing short of electrifying.

Making Strides

Sustainable Footwear Steps Forward

How is the shoemaking industry creating more environmentally sustainable products? We identify the leaders in the footwear business who are also at the forefront of climate action.

sashay away

The Supers Still Got It

They were era-defining and so powerful that only their first names were required. Now, as the original supermodels — Cindy, Naomi, Claudia, Helena and Christy — hit midlife, they are, after three decades, still the industry’s most-wanted.

timeless beauty

Chanel’s J12 Turns 20

Always in motion, the J12 is transformed and reinvented without ever losing its identity. The watch has travelled through time to turn 20 with all the boldness that built its legendary status.

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